Growing cucumbers in a barrel: how to get a harvest without hassle

Cucumber has been cultivated in Russia since about the 11th century. Today it is one of the main garden crops, after potatoes and cabbage.

Cucumbers are grown both outdoors and indoors. If there are greenhouse facilities, you can grow cucumbers without any soil at all, using hydroponics and aeroponics methods.

In the open field, these vegetables, as a rule, are grown in beds, with tying on trellises, which takes up a lot of space and requires additional costs.

It's worth trying barrel-growing cucumbers for another way to harvest these vegetables on site without the hassle and extra effort.


  • The advantages of growing cucumbers in a barrel over traditional beds
  • Preparing the barrel for growing cucumbers
  • Sowing and growing cucumbers in a barrel

The advantages of growing cucumbers in a barrel over traditional beds

It is convenient to grow cucumbers in barrels, first of all, where the site, for various reasons, does not allow arranging a spacious garden for them.

Old metal barrels are suitable for this, so you won't have to spend money on new ones. The capacity of the barrels is most often only 200 liters, and they will take up no more than one square meter of space.

The next advantage of the method is that the barrels can be installed in the place where the most favorable light conditions will be for cucumbers.

This can be done near fruit trees, which will cover the planting in the hottest hours of the day, while not depressing the growth of vegetables and delaying their development.

When grown in a barrel, there is no need for exhausting regular weeding of cucumber seedlings. This will also protect young lashes from accidental damage.

Since the space in which the cucumbers are grown will be limited by the barrel, it will be much easier to observe the humidity regime, this will save you from abundant watering and unnecessary water consumption.

Cucumbers are a rather thermophilic culture and late frosts can irrevocably destroy early shoots.

Cucumbers planted in a barrel, with the threat of frost, can always be quickly and easily covered with any material, keeping the plants from destructive negative temperatures.

At this time of the year, the soil begins to freeze and frosts damage the plants near the soil itself, and when planted in a barrel, the plants are raised above its level by at least 70 cm.

In addition, when grown in a barrel, it is easier for cucumbers to provide vertical support without arranging several trellises. It will also save effort, time and money.

Considering the listed advantages, it is worth trying and installing one or two barrels on the site for growing cucumbers in them.

Preparing the barrel for growing cucumbers

It is better to start preparing the barrel no later than two weeks before sowing the cucumbers. In temperate climates, the outside of the barrel should be painted any dark color.

This will ensure good soil heating in sunny weather, which is very important in late spring and early summer.

Place the painted barrel in a convenient place, preferably well lit, but with the possibility of shelter during the hottest hours.

At the bottom of the barrel, put the remains of cardboard, paper, large pieces of wooden chocks. A layer of such household waste must be alternated with layers of any soil. Having filled the barrel in this way to about half, you need to pour sawdust, leaves, hay or straw into it.

Add fresh, not yet rotted compost and add a couple of glasses of azofoska. This layer should not reach the top of the barrel by about 35 - 40 cm.

About 20 cm of this volume should be left under good fertile soil. After it is poured, at least 15 - 20 cm of free space should remain in the barrel.

Spill the soil in the barrel with enough water to keep it moist to the very bottom.

Cover the filled barrel completely with foil and tie it up.

After 14 days, the soil barrel is ready for planting seeds. It remains to select varieties and start sowing seeds.

Cultivation of cucumbers in a barrel takes place without first obtaining seedlings, which is also an advantage over the traditional method.

Sowing and growing cucumbers in a barrel

If, when grown in open ground, it is not recommended to sow cucumber seeds earlier than mid-May, and plant seedlings after the threat of frost has passed, then you can sow seeds in a barrel starting from mid-April.

When choosing varieties, it is best to give preference to early and late varieties, because it is when growing in a barrel that it is easiest to protect cucumbers from spring or autumn frosts. For accelerated emergence of seedlings, soak cucumber seeds in water for 24 hours.

When sowing cucumbers in a barrel, you need to retreat 10 - 12 cm from its edge. Make small depressions at a distance of 15 cm from each other.

Put two cucumber seeds in each hole. Sprinkle everything on top with a layer of soil of one cm. In one ordinary barrel, you can place from 15 to 30 plants. Cover and tie the barrel with the sown cucumbers with foil until shoots appear.

When the first true leaf appears on the cucumbers, the seedlings should be left open in the warm daytime. At night and on unfavorable days, the cucumbers in the barrel must be closed. You can make a tent-like shelter.

To do this, it is enough to bury a wooden rail in the center of the barrel, an old handle from a shovel will do. On the 80-100 cm high part above the ground, fix the covering material, if necessary, cover the barrel with it and tie it with twine or rope.

In addition, by opening such a "tent" only from the south side, it is possible to improve the heating and sun illumination of cucumber seedlings.

When the threat of a return of negative temperatures has passed, the covering material can be removed, and in its place, pieces of twine can be fixed, the other end of which is tied to pegs, near each shoot.

If a variety with limited lash growth is planted, this can be omitted. When harvesting cucumbers grown in a barrel, the cucumbers always remain clean.

The main care, watering and feeding with this method of cultivation does not have any fundamental differences from the usual method.

It should be said that a barrel of cucumbers also looks quite decorative and can become an additional decoration on the site.

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