How to grow a pomelo at home?

Growing citrus fruits at home is a responsible and painstaking business. But imagine what a reward all these works will turn into.

A beautiful little tree will be fragrant with flowering, and with proper care will bear fruit.

And if someone said that it is impossible to grow a pomelo from a stone, then it's time to refute his opinion and start planting a citrus fruit.


  • We grow pomelo at home
  • Pomelo: features of home care
  • Transplanting pomelo at home

We grow pomelo at home

As you may have guessed, the pomelo is an evergreen plant that can reach a height of 10-15 meters. Naturally, this figure does not apply to trees that are grown at home.

Our climate is not the same, and the height of the ceilings is not designed for such dimensions.

The crown is covered with small thorns, so that the "sap" of the tree does not evaporate. The length of the leaf plate can reach 15-20 centimeters, the top is painted in a dark green color, the bottom leaf has a light green tint. The vein is pronounced.

Everyone knows that pomelo fruits are large enough and can reach up to one kilogram of weight. The pulp is very juicy, sweet and sour and aromatic, divided into small slices.

In each slice, the main object awaits us - the seeds (seeds) from which a citrus tree is to be grown.

Features of growing pomelo at home:

First, you need to remove the seeds from the fetus. The extracted seeds must be rinsed under running water and rid them of the pomelo pulp.

The washed seeds must be dried and placed in the sand. Place the jar in a dark, cold place for 10-12 days. The ideal place to store seeds is a refrigerator.

Take a pot, it is better if it has several drainage holes and pour drainage there. The next layer will be fruitful drainage, which consists of sand and garden soil. Add 1/3 of the substrate.

Place the pomelo bone and cover with the rest of the earth. Water the future tree. After you have successfully planted a pomelo, you need to remember that it will require special attention to itself.

In order for the work to please with its flowering and fruits, it is necessary to carefully look after the green miracle.

Pomelo: features of home care

For some time, you will have to protect the young pomelo from sudden changes in temperature conditions and drafts. Also, the plant does not like direct sunlight.

The best choice is diffused light. Experts recommend sprinkling young leaves with warm, settled water at least twice a week.

Remember that the pomelo does not feel well in the peat substrate, so it should be discarded. Its development is badly affected by the presence of chlorine.

Therefore, if you are an adherent of watering the plant from the tap, then it is better to refuse this idea. Pass the water through a filter or just stand for it.

As for watering, the pomelo is a moisture-loving plant, you can not spare water. But remember the rule, everything is good in moderation.

In no case should you pour the plant over, otherwise it can cause fungal diseases and lead to the death of the plant. We recommend starting the next watering only after the ground is dry or slightly damp.

Top dressing for pomelo, to ensure a beautiful and long flowering. At the flower shop, we recommend that you choose a food for flower plants.

The product contains an increased amount of trace elements necessary for the normal growth and development of the tree.

The pomelo is distinguished by abundant and long flowering. The aroma in the house will be incredible, you will definitely get the feeling that you are on sunny islands.

True, the tree will begin to bear fruit after 8-10 years. Do not worry that something is wrong with the pomelo, or that you are doing something wrong, since this is a completely natural phenomenon.

So, we learned that the citrus tree requires special attention. For the normal development and growth of the plant, it is necessary to adhere to the optimal temperature regime, and also do not forget to water and feed the plant in time.

Transplanting pomelo at home

Like any other plant, the pomelo needs a timely transplant. As soon as you notice that the pot is small for the tree, it is worth starting the transplanting procedure. You must have with you: a larger vessel, drainage, substrate and water.

Mash the pomelo pot in your hands and remove the plant. Put drainage in a new pot and start adding soil. Tamp the substrate well. Place the pomelo in the pot and start filling in the rest of the earth.

Water the pomelo or place it in a container of water to nourish the roots. The transplant can be carried out at any time of the year.

It is worth excluding this operation during flowering, dormancy and budding. Experts recommend returning to feeding two weeks after transplanting.

The transplant and care will not take up much of your personal time. Fill your home with something truly exotic.

Pomelo will surely say "thank you" to your work, its fragrant and delicious flowering. Add citrus mood to your life!

Brief instructions for caring for pomelo:

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