Pink tomatoes: varieties and crop care in summer

Pink tomatoes: varieties and crop care in summer

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The culture of tomatoes has been and remains one of the most important and favorite among many vegetable growers and farmers.

Tomatoes are grown in greenhouses, vegetable gardens and even on window sills, balconies. They are loved by almost everyone and all: huge fleshy, small-fruited with a sweet cherry, of a very different color:

  • yellow
  • red
  • pink
  • bicolor
  • white
  • black

In the amateur and professional cultivation of tomatoes, many people liked pink tomatoes, the varieties of which are distinguished by a high dry matter content, good taste, and an attractive presentation.

Thanks to modern breeding, varieties of pink tomatoes have appeared that are not inferior in yield to red ones.


  • Early varieties of pink tomatoes ripening 90 - 100 days
  • Pink tomatoes are medium, ripening period - from 110 to 115 days
  • Late and very late pink tomatoes
  • Caring for the harvest of pink tomatoes

Early varieties of pink tomatoes ripening 90 - 100 days

  1. June Pink - This variety of pink-fruited tomatoes was bred by US breeders. Tomatoes of this variety are distinguished by their excellent sweet taste, juiciness, rather large, up to 300 grams in size. The shape of the June pink tomatoes is round, the skin color is pink, with a pearlescent sheen. Bushes are tall, powerful.
  2. Pink honey - medium-early ripening tomatoes. Fruits are heart-shaped, with a thick, wide base, tapering downward. The weight of individual fruits can exceed 600 - 800 grams, the average weight is up to 500 grams. It features small seed chambers with few seeds. The height of the bushes is up to one and a half meters, differs in a small number of leaves.
  3. Dawn Rose is an early ripe pink tomato with an interesting, comb-shaped fruit. They are fleshy, very sweet, with few seeds. Individual fruits can grow up to 1 kg in weight. The usual weight is 300 grams. Bushes of medium height up to 80 - 90 cm.
  4. The Arctic is a very early small-fruited variety. The color of the fruit is pink, with a raspberry tinge. Fruit weight does not exceed 15 grams. The bushes are low, no more than half a meter in height. Thanks to the numerous clusters with miniature fruits, it has a very decorative appearance. The plant is not afraid of bad weather and soil conditions.

You can also recommend early pink varieties and tomato hybrids for growing:

  • Barmaley
  • wild Rose
  • Boogie Woogie F 1

Pink tomatoes are medium, ripening period - from 110 to 115 days

  1. The garden boss is a tomato with an average ripening period, bred by Ukrainian breeders.
  2. Fruits are uniform, saturated - pink in color, without a green spot at the stalk. The average weight is from 300 to 400 grams, the shape is round, there is a pronounced ribbing. The bushes are high, from 120 to 150 cm.
  3. Ballerina - the shape of the fruit resembles an elongated, graceful pear, with a narrow top and a slightly widening middle and lower part. The variety has a good yield. Bushes are low, compact.
  4. Fig pink F1 - hybrid is distinguished by fruits with strongly pronounced ribbing in the upper part of the fruit. The weight of tomatoes is 300 - 600 grams. Excellent variety. Suitable for both salads and home canning. The variety "Pink Fig" has good resistance to the main diseases of the tomato.
  • Giant Novikov
  • Abakan pink

Late and very late pink tomatoes

  1. De Barao pink - in order to have time to get the harvest of these tomatoes, they are planted in the ground one of the first, since the harvest will ripen only after three and a half to four months. A neat shape, fruits of the same size - all this makes this variety one of the most attractive for home canning. In addition, it stays perfectly fresh for several weeks. Vigorous bushes with a well-developed root system. Disease resistant.
  2. Sugar Bison is an old, proven variety with pink fruits and sugary light pink flesh. The shape is heart-shaped. The bushes are tall, the tomatoes are large, weighing up to 600 - 800 grams.

It is important to remember that the selected variety of pink tomatoes will show all its advantages when grown correctly.

Caring for the harvest of pink tomatoes

Almost all varieties of pink tomatoes differ from red varieties in a high content of sugar and other nutrients, therefore, they need more watering and nutrients.

When growing pink tomatoes, it is important to maintain good, uniform soil moisture. An important condition is to avoid excessive dampness, it is especially harmful after a long dry period to water the tomato bushes abundantly. Such sudden watering will lead to cracking of the fruit, and the loss of their presentation.

During the flowering of tomatoes, it is good to provide a shallow spray of water, as this will help the quality formation of pollen and ovary. Also at this time the plants need to be fed with nutrients.

To do this, add 60 grams of complex fertilizer to a bucket of water. Such feeding will be a good stimulant for fruit pouring. It will not be superfluous to use drugs that will help to reach the fruits of consumer maturity, one of them is the drug Dozrevatel.

Even a single spraying with "Dozrevatel" accelerates the onset of ripeness in brown and green fruits, allows them to gain a mass characteristic of the variety. It is especially advantageous to use the preparation when growing an early harvest of pink tomatoes, intended for sale, since the use of the "Dozrevatel" significantly reduces the time they acquire a pink color and stimulates a harmonious return of the crop.

Observance of simple agrotechnical techniques makes it possible to get a good harvest of pink tomatoes in any area.

Description of the most productive varieties of pink tomatoes in the video:

Watch the video: 5 Best Companion Plants for Tomatoes for Maximum Yields and Healthy Plants u0026 2 Plants Tomatoes Hate (May 2022).


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