Cyclamen transplant: simple and affordable

Cyclamen is a perennial plant that has a spherical corm. Usually, cyclamen is bought in the fall, at a time when barely noticeable flowering begins.

If you take proper care of the flower, then it will live for a very long time - the plant can live up to twenty years.


  • How to transplant cyclamen correctly
  • Preparing for the transplant procedure
  • Transplant procedure

How to transplant cyclamen correctly

The plant should be transplanted regularly - once a year and at a certain period. That is, before the beginning of its budding. As a rule, the transplant is carried out around the middle of summer, when new leaves begin to grow little by little.

This procedure is very important for the health of the flower, since over time the soil in the pot is greatly depleted, which means that the structure of the soil itself deteriorates. In the process of transplanting, the contents of the pot are completely replaced, and the dead and decayed roots of the plant are necessarily removed.

In order for the plant to grow well and live for a long time, it is necessary to make the correct earthen mixture. The mixture is usually made from the following ingredients:

  • Humus
  • Leafy land
  • Peat
  • Sand

All ingredients except leafy earth should be mixed in equal proportions. The amount of leafy land should be slightly larger. Also, ready-made land can be purchased at any specialized store.

Preparing for the transplant procedure

Before replanting a plant, you need to select and prepare a pot. The size of the latter directly depends on the age of the flower. Thus, if the age of the flower is a year or a half, then the diameter of the pot should not exceed eight centimeters. In the case of a cyclamen at the age of three years, the pot should be up to fifteen centimeters in diameter.

In addition, the pot itself should not be too large, otherwise, the liquid in the soil will constantly stagnate, which will lead to acidification. Naturally, such a process will not benefit the flower. However, at the same time, the size should not be too small - the plant may begin to bloom early and will be very weak and, moreover, very short-lived. In the event that an old pot is used during transplantation, then it should be thoroughly disinfected.

Further, small holes are made at the bottom of the pot. Also, it is very important to carry out the drainage system in the form of expanded clay or ordinary pebbles. This measure will help prevent cyclamen waterlogging.

Before direct transplanting, the earthen mixture must be calcined in the oven for one hour. This procedure can be carried out using an ordinary frying pan, or even simply processed with potassium permanganate. This is done in order to protect the plant from possible fungal diseases.

Transplant procedure

When pouring the earthen mixture into a pot, you do not need to tamp it. To improve the health of cyclamen, before planting in a pot, you need to remove some old leaves, but they should not be pulled out, but removed by twisting.

After that, the flower is removed from the old pot and transferred to the prepared, new pot. This should be done as carefully as possible. The flower is located in the center and keeps a little on weight, so as not to spoil the roots of the plant, then the roots should be straightened and carefully covered with an earthen mixture.

In order not to damage the roots of the flower, the bulb and roots are usually taken together with a clod of earth. Also, it is important to remember that the tuber itself does not need to be heavily covered with earth - it should look a little out of the ground.

Then, the soil should be watered a little and allowed to absorb. After complete absorption of the liquid, the earth is watered again, and the plant is finally covered with an earthen mixture. However, again, one must not forget that a small part of the tuber remains on the surface.

Proper care after transplant

Correct transplantation of cyclamen is still half the battle, it is very important to take proper care of the plant.

During the flowering period of cyclamen, it must be watered regularly and it is best to do this by passing it through a pallet. In the case when the plant is watered from above, then you need to make sure that the liquid does not fall on the tuber itself. For this, water is usually poured at the edge.

In addition, for better flower growth, the air around it should be humidified. This is not difficult to do, you just need a regular spray bottle. However, here you also need to be very careful - it is important that moisture does not get on the plant itself.

Thus, we can say that the cyclamen transplant procedure is not so difficult. However, in this case, it is necessary to fulfill all the necessary requirements. Only in the case of their correct implementation, the flower will be healthy and beautiful.

Subtleties of cyclamen care on video:

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