Gardener's lunar calendar. Planting potatoes according to the lunar calendar

Gardener's lunar calendar. Planting potatoes according to the lunar calendar

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Even today, when all the most modern developments and achievements of agricultural technology come to the aid of gardeners and truck farmers, it would be very unreasonable to neglect natural rhythms. However, we are not talking about them now.

Humanity has long noticed that the Moon has a significant impact on all biological processes taking place on our planet, including the growth and development of all living organisms and, first of all, plants. It was on the basis of such observations that all kinds of lunar calendars were compiled and, in particular, the lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener.

During planting work, the lunar calendar can be of really great help, because the future harvest largely depends on the day of planting. The plant world has its own canons, adhering to which, any gardener and gardener will be able to significantly simplify their work and greatly increase its effectiveness.

So, sowing or planting all terrestrial plants is necessary when the moon is young, but planting potatoes according to the lunar calendar, as well as planting vegetables that can go like arrows, are an exception to the general rule. This is how the last plants are planted when the moon is defective. Planting potatoes according to the lunar calendar is also done when the moon is flawed or, which is not so desirable, when the moon is rising.

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