We will learn how to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse in winter

We will learn how to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse in winter

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Many people know how to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse in the yard. Although, if there is an opportunity to arrange such, you can also engage in mass breeding.

We plant tomatoes in a greenhouse

To begin with, planting in a greenhouse is inevitable in some cases. For example - when working with some early varieties. When it's still cold outside, there are no conditions at home, and a full-fledged greenhouse is set up in the yard - why not try the method? In general, a greenhouse is an extensible concept:

  • Wholesale greenhouse;
  • Garden greenhouse;
  • A home device "greenhouse" is when you cover your sprout with a jar and create the appropriate conditions;
  • A lamp that not only illuminates but also warms growing tomatoes

And etc.

An interesting version of a winter greenhouse. Under certain conditions, tomato is obtained in winter. Of course - the easiest way is to take a corner in the apartment. But it must be remembered that a tomato grows in the presence of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen as accompanying elements. Do not overuse them - then you can get a harmful nitrate sample.

At the first stage, the sprouts require ventilation. A large percentage are planted under the frame - then a second pick is inevitable. The first pick is required several weeks after disembarkation. Plants can be planted in a greenhouse for early fruit production. Then make a few picks. They plant the tomato directly into the pots. The holes in the seedlings must be left in advance so that later you can dig out the sprout with at least a teaspoon. The holes in the greenhouse are prepared in advance. It is convenient to keep the pots in drawers. Next, it turns out how to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse to the bitter end - with a garter, picking tomatoes, etc.

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