How to grow cyperus papyrus in the house

How to grow cyperus papyrus in the house

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It is known that cyperus papyrus originally from African lands. The plant has a rich and interesting history.... Its practicality has proven to be indispensable in hot countries where drought is a natural threat.

How cyperus papyrus is characterized

In ancient times, it became clear that this plant is very functional:

  • the core of early shoots together with rhizomes was eaten together with cheese;
  • strong and light, air-filled triangular stems were suitable for making boats;
  • fences and whole huts were built from it;
  • weaved rope mats and sandals, made fans and baskets and mats;
  • woody rhizomes were suitable for use as fuel;
  • made kitchen utensils.

It was also used for medical purposes.

This plant grows well in shading, although bright diffused light is more suitable for him. It is appreciated for the fact that it grows under artificial lighting. He needs a constant amount of fresh air. The roots should always be kept moist. Watering consists not only in moistening the soil, but also in wiping the foliage of the plant with warm water. If you cut off excess shoots, growth will receive an additional incentive. It is better to keep the plant in a pallet for winter and summer. Watering is carried out through it. Propagated by seeds and by transplanting shoots.

The plant has flowers, but they are small and inconspicuous. They can be found in the axils near the leaves. In order for the leaves of some varieties to remain variegated, it is necessary to cut off the green shoots in a timely manner. So cyperus papyrus will delight you with its decorative effect.

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