Green onions on the windowsill and in the garden are a storehouse of vitamins

Green onions on the windowsill and in the garden are a storehouse of vitamins

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Green onions is rightfully considered one of the main garden crops, which can delight us with its benefits all year round. It is so easy to grow it on the windowsill of the house and in the garden bed that only the lazy does not grow it.

In order to get a vitamin supplement to your diet, which is especially necessary for everyone at home with the arrival of spring, during the period of vitamin deficiency, not much needs to be done. Prepare a suitable torch, container, for example a cup or glass, pour it into its water and put a torch there. place this "composition" on the south window and wait for the appearance of green onion feathers, not forgetting to periodically add water to a glass or cup.

Growing onions on a feather in a garden bed is just as easy. Many, if time permits, grow onions for feathers in a greenhouse. There he is sufficiently protected from cold nights, successfully grows on a feather.

By the way, the same kind of bed can be built at home on a windowsill or on a glazed balcony. It is necessary to prepare not high - 10 centimeters high - boxes, fill them with garden soil. If the earth is brought from the street, then it is necessary to let it warm up well to room temperature. Then water the earth and plant splinters in it, leaving the tops of the heads on the surface. In order for the onion to grow faster on the feather, it is best to cut off the top of the torch with dry husk. In just a few days, green sprouts will appear. When growing onions at home, one should not forget that it must be watered regularly, sometimes fed. Ripe torches can be replaced with new ones, continuing to get a harvest of green onions from one box for a whole year.

You can also grow dill, parsley, basil and other herbs on the windowsill at home. In the autumn-spring period, such a home garden will be the best help for replenishing the diet with vitamins.

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