Growing aster flowers

Growing aster flowers

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Growing aster flowers is not troublesome and not difficult, but as in any other gardening business, it requires care, patience, some knowledge and love for plants.

Asters are propagated by seed, and it is better to grow aster flowers through seedlings, and it is not necessary to do this at home, if it is possible to grow seedlings in a garden plot.

When the weather permits, sow aster seeds in the ground and cover with plastic wrap. When seedlings appear, the film must be removed, but be sure to cover the seedlings if frost suddenly hits. This planting allows you to get early flowers in July.

Asters do not need a pick when sowing in the ground, they grow well and in "close" contact with each other, but still, when sowing, it is better to try to keep the distance between the seeds. If the seeds for seedlings are sown in pots at home, then picking is necessary.

In order to get flowers in August, you need to repeat sowing on asters seedlings in April, and to admire the flowering of asters in September, sowing must be carried out in May.

Asters need to be planted in a permanent place, starting in May, as soon as the seedlings are ready, ready-made aster seedlings should have strong root systems, and the aboveground part should already be at least ten cm, then the transplant will take place easily and without loss in the rows of plants.

Each plant must be planted in grooves that are flooded with water; about 25 centimeters must be observed between the plants. And ten days after planting, all plants must be treated with preparations containing copper.

Asters are unpretentious plants, therefore they grow well without any care, but for the beauty of the site, it is still worth removing weeds, watering the flowers and fertilizing once a month.

To get your seeds, the flower you like should be left until its seeds are fully ripe. It is easy to determine - the seeds themselves easily fall out of the flower, and the fluff easily leaves.

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