Violet Wittrock or just pansies

Violet Wittrock or just pansies

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The popular pansy garden plant is also called viola or violet wittrock... Plant pansies already blooming at the very beginning of summer, and they will delight you with their blooming before autumn frosts, and if the winter is not too cold, they will bloom again in early spring, since the plant is two years old. These wonderful flowers are often self-propagated. Having planted them once, you will admire the blue, burgundy, yellow, orange Wittrock violets until they freeze out in some particularly cold or snowy winter.

To receive blooming seedlings by June, the seeds of pansies are best sown in late February or early March in seedling boxes. Then they are covered with glass or wrapped in polyethylene, creating mini greenhouse, which should be ventilated every day to avoid the accumulation of condensation. Watering is carried out using a spray bottle. Seedlings will appear in 1-2 weeks. In the phase of a pair of true leaves, the plants dive into separate containers, deepening to the cotyledonous leaves. Plants can be planted in the ground already in May. Pansies will bloom with larger flowers in sunny placese.

Violet Wittrock is a rather unpretentious plant. Caring for it consists in regular watering, weeding and loosening. The plant responds well to feeding mineral fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus, superphosphate). To prolong flowering and give the plant a neat appearance, faded flowers must be removed in a timely manner.

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