Lespedets penny and its useful properties

Lespedets penny and its useful properties

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Lespedetsa penny refers to medicinal plants. In some regions, it grows on its own, but if you want to get this perennial plant, you can grow it yourself on your site.

It should be noted that lespedez propagated by seeds. Raw materials must be dried in a well-ventilated area, spreading it out on paper or burlap in a loose layer.

Lespedetsa penny, which is famous for its beneficial properties, has antiviral properties, which are explained by the high content of flavonoids. The herb is used for otitis media, rhinitis, lichen, conjunctivitis. But remember that you cannot get carried away with medicinal plants, even if the entire Internet talks about their benefits. Sometimes not enough attention is paid to contraindications and side effects. So, there is a list of herbs that are completely contraindicated during pregnancy, as they can cause spontaneous abortion.

IN USA Lespedeca capitate it is used not only as an ornamental plant, but also as a fodder crop. It is famous for its ability to enrich the soil and prevent the development of erosion. The fact is that the roots of a perennial are able to enter into symbiosis with various bacteria, which fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into the form that is available to plants for assimilation. Eventually, Lespedeza bicolor able to increase soil fertility.



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