Elite potato varieties for increased yield

Every gardener knows that the yield of any crop depends not only from the favorable conditions for planting and growing this or that vegetable or fruit, but also from their variety. This also applies to such a common crop as potatoes.

Elite potato varieties yield much higher yields than regular potatoes and represent a failure of virus-free planting material, which give a stable yield and delicious food after cooking such potatoes.

Elite varieties of potatoes in a fairly extensive assortment can be found among the types of Dutch potatoes, which managed to win the trust of not only farmers, but also culinary experts around the world. Most popular elite varieties of Dutch potatoes are considered Fresco, Red Scarlett, Latona, Romano, Impala, Condor. These varieties are capable of producing about 600-800 centners per hectare with sufficient irrigation of the fields and proper conditions for growing potatoes.

Among domestic elite varieties of potatoes the following varieties should be distinguished - Luck, Golubizna, Lugovskoy, Zhukovsky early, Nevsky. The yield of this potato is much lower than that of the Dutch one, but you can grow such potatoes on your plots for more than 5 years, planting a crop from good bushes. While Dutch potatoes can be planted for 3 years in a row, then their elite is lost, the yield drops, and the potatoes themselves are no longer elite varieties. Dutch breeders know how to make money in this field.

The so-called elite potato varieties can also be withdrawn on your personal plots simply by planting large tubers from crop-rich bushes.

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