Allspice is an evergreen tree from the Myrtle family, which reaches a height of 6-12 meters. Flowers white, collected in false racemes. Leaves allspice, whole-edged, leathery, oblong-ovate, with small glands. Fruit at first they are green, and when ripe they turn red. The fruits have two, sometimes three chambers, each chamber contains one brown seed.

Pepper fruits are harvested green, when ripe, the fruits lose their aroma very quickly. False umbrellas with pepper fruits break off and then dried in the sun or in special ovens... The fruits acquire a granular surface and a rounded shape. Approximately 75 kilograms of fruit are harvested from the tree. Fruit color can be from dark brown to reddish brown. The diameter of the fruit is about 5-8 millimeters.

Allspice contains essential oil, tannins, spicy fatty oil, resins. The essential oil contains fellandron, cineole, eugenol, caryophyllene.

Allspice is prepared teas, pepper is part of spicy mixtures... It is used in Food Industry... Pepper tea helps with flatulence and stomach weakness... Allspice has a pleasant smell, spicy and pungent taste. Pepper is considered a strong spice. It gives aroma and flavor to dishes. Dried peppers should be stored in sealed glass or metal containers... Allspice is often used in ground form, it is advisable to grind it first, since the aroma of this spice evaporates quite quickly.

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