Growing cucumbers in the open field. Growing features

Growing cucumbers in the open field. Growing features

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To successfully implement growing cucumbers in the open field, first you need to decide on the chosen site, because the cucumber grows well and bears fruit only in lighted open areas that are artificially protected from the wind.

Cucumber gives excellent yields on fairly light fertile soils; heavy, cold and waterlogged soil is unsuitable for it.

Growing cucumbers in the open field must be carried out taking into account predecessors in crop rotation, the best for a cucumber are tomatoes, potatoes, legumes, table roots. In order to prevent diseases, you should not grow cucumbers after the crops of the pumpkin family.

For sowing, two or three-year-old seeds are preferable, from which plants form female flowers earlier, and begin to bear fruit faster.

In the middle lane favorable period for the development of a cucumber in the open field is rather short, so early sowing is practiced here at a temperature of + 20 + 30 degrees, in wet sand, sawdust or moss. Finish germination with a small root - half the length of the seed.

Sowing of germinated cucumber seeds is started at soil temperature at a depth of 8-10 cm + 16 + 18 degrees.

Crop care consists in protecting them from frost, watering, feeding, loosening the soil, fighting pests, weeds and diseases.

One of the reliable crop protection products cucumber even from prolonged frosts and during periods of short-term cold snap are portable shelters made of cardboard and various synthetic materials.

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