Curling leaves in tomatoes. Twisting reasons

Curling leaves in tomatoes. Twisting reasons

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Rolling leaves in tomatoes usually occurs when the temperature, humidity regime is violated. At an excessively high (over 35 degrees) temperature, the decomposition of existing nutrients occurs much faster, and their accumulation and assimilation is greatly reduced.

Curling of leaves in tomatoes occurs due to their starvation... Often a similar situation occurs in a film greenhouse, the roots are still in rather cold soil, and the upper part is under high-temperature stress. Therefore, in hot weather, it is necessary to ventilate the greenhouse and shade the plants.

In addition, curling the leaves of tomatoes downward is the first sign of damage. bacterial cancer... In this case, the lower leaves of tomatoes wither and turn brown, and then dry up. On the stems, the lower part of the leaf petioles, cracks and sores are visible. When the stem is cut, a brown ring of vessels affected by bacteriosis is visible.

Another reason for curling the leaves of tomatoes lies in phosphorus starvation, in which the top of the tomato leaves turns gray-green, and the veins turn purple-red. The downward bending of old leaves indicates an excess of zinc. If young leaves curl, there is a deficiency of copper, sulfur, boron. If the leaves curl upward, this is a sign of low potassium content. The leaves begin to shrink, the growth point dies off, the fruits are affected by apical rot. An insufficient amount of potassium provokes the curling of the edges of the leaves downward. The result is a rapidly developing necrosis: the small veins turn pale, and the leaves gradually begin to turn brown.

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