Fragrant tobacco in the photo. No smoking, just admiring

Fragrant tobacco in the photo. No smoking, just admiring

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Like regular tobacco used for smoking, fragrant tobacco came to us only in the 15th century with the discovery of America. We have this plant used more often as an annual, as it is killed by the first autumn frosts.

Fragrant tobacco is quite popular among domestic gardeners. He unpretentious, not too demanding in care... In order to mess with this plant less, it is better initially choose a slightly shaded place for it... Usually it is planted in a certain container in May-April, and in open ground - after the final retreat of cold weather. They dive with the appearance of the first true leaves. Before planting, the seedlings are hardened by bringing the boxes to fresh air. Fertilized twice during the entire growing period... Water as needed, more often only when the tobacco grows in the sun.

Usually this type of tobacco does not reach a meter in height, except on fertile soils. Loose inflorescences look quite modest, but dissolving in the evening, they emit a very strong, heady aroma. Fragrant tobacco in the photo - these are panicles of white flowers, sometimes still pink or red. But red-pink varieties (or hybrids) bloom during the day and hardly smell.

On flower beds, balconies, open terraces, in combination with other flowering plants or alone, fragrant tobacco will delight your eyes and scent, and for the winter, you can transplant it into a pot and grow it as a houseplant... After flowering, cut off the wilted flowers - then the leaves will be more beautiful.

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