Growing bell pepper and its features

Growing bell pepper and its features

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Bell peppers are prized for their good taste and high vitamin C content. Growing bell peppers does not present any particular difficulties, but has its own characteristics. Of course, you can plant younger seedlings, but then the yield will be less.

Seeds bell pepper difficult to germinate when sowing, they are only slightly sprinkled with earth, covered with glass or polyethylene and placed in a warm place. Seedlings may appear only after a couple of weeks. All this time, it is better to moisten the soil in the box by spraying. Although peppers belong to the nightshade family, like tomatoes, they need slightly different conditions. Pepper seedlings are usually not dived and the seeds are immediately planted in separate containers. This plant needs fertile soil, warm and moist air... But it does not like direct sunlight.

Therefore, seedlings are usually planted in greenhouses, where the necessary conditions for growing can be provided. Peppers can be fed with both mineral and organic fertilizers. It is not necessary to tie up this plant, its trunk lignifies and holds the fruits perfectly. They can be harvested while still green, they ripen indoors, like tomatoes. In the open field it makes sense to cultivate bell peppers only in the southern regions with a mild climate.

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