Do I need to dive peppers before transplanting

Many beginners are faced with the following question in the growing process: is it necessary to dive pepper and if necessary, how to do it correctly so as not to harm the plants?

Experienced gardeners say that a crop such as pepper does not tolerate picking well. Likewise, they are transplanted into the ground.

Some people plant several sprouted pepper seeds in small containers, and after they grow up, leave 1-2 sprouts in each. After the pepper seedlings get stronger, the timing for planting is suitable - they are planted together with the ground in which they were germinated so as not to disturb the roots.

And yet, is it necessary to dive pepper, especially if the plantings are thickened? Lit is best to dive peppers in "infancy", that is, at the stage of sprouting from cotyledons or in the phase of the second true leaflet, then they may simply "not notice" the interference, later it may be more problematic.

Pepper seedlings require very respectful attitude... Apologists for its cultivation note that if the peppers are going to dive, it is important that the root in the soil does not bend and twist counterclockwise. It is the location of the root that plays a major role in further development. Otherwise, the growth of seedlings may stop. In most cases, you do not need to pinch the tip of the root, unless the time for picking the pepper was missed and the root turned out to be long and thin.

Experienced gardeners advise, when diving, to lower the sprout deeper into the soil, sprinkle it with earth and stretch it slightly. The spine will be aligned in the desired position.

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