Growing echinacea from seeds at home

Growing echinacea from seeds at home

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Growing echinacea from seeds in the open field, they are produced to decorate lawns, garden beds and the general landscape. In addition, echinacea is cultivated for floristic purposes.

The room atmosphere is pleasantly enlivened by a simple and beautiful bouquet of echinacea. Plant care undemandingtherefore, growing echinacea from seeds is not difficult. In addition to propagation by seeds, you can get a new plant by dividing the root.

Seeds are best planted for seedlings in greenhouses and only after the formation of bushes are they transplanted into open ground (June). Echinacea grows as a beautiful bush, reaching a height of 1 meter. It blooms in large, basket-shaped inflorescences that have a very delicate scent. Cut flowers stand in settled water for almost three weeks.

Echinacea flowers love sunny areas, but will grow well in partial shade. They perfectly tolerate temperature changes, coolness, heat.

To water it is necessary in the morning or in the evening (while there is no sun) quite abundantly, but do not bring it to dampness, the plant does not like this. The soil for echinacea is chosen not acidic and rather fertile.

Fertilizer feed about once a month, throughout the growing season. As a stimulant to extend the flowering period, wilted flowers are cut off.

If the faded flower stalks are not cut off, the ripe seeds will fall into the ground, then in the spring you will have to transplant young plants. In autumn, the entire aboveground part must be completely cut off. Echinacea tolerates winter well; it does not require additional shelter in the southern regions. Echinacea is used in folk medicine to strengthen the immune system.

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