Propagation of currants by cuttings is one of the popular ways

Propagation of currants by cuttings is one of the popular ways

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Propagation of currants by cuttings is one of the most common ways to get new bushes. After all, many people love this berry, the plant is relatively unpretentious, almost every season gives good yields (with proper care).

Long-term practice shows that propagation of currants by cuttings requires relatively low costs. Currant seedlings are propagated by lignified annual cuttings or using horizontal cuttings. Mother bushes should be selected with a high-yielding variety, without signs of damage by pests and diseases, especially powdery mildew and kidney mites.

Use extra for cuttings lignified annual shoot or one-year growth of the first (possibly second) order of branching with a developed apical bud.

Cuttings for planting in the spring are harvested when the snow melts, in the bud swelling phase (March-April). Shoots are cut without leaving hemp. The thickness of the cuttings at the base should be at least half a centimeter, the length - 15-18 cm. You need to choose the most developed and mature part of the shoot (the cuttings do not take root well from the apical or lower parts).

Cooked cuttings stored upright in a dense layer of snow at a depth of 50-60 centimeters, covered with straw or sawdust, in the shade. If there are a lot of cuttings, you can store them in the refrigerator by wrapping them in plastic and periodically moisturizing them.

In early spring, cuttings are planted in an area with well-fertilized soil, sticking them into the ground every 10-15 cm at an angle of 45 degrees towards the row, leaving 1-2 buds above the soil. It is better to do the slope from north to south, so the cuttings warm up better in the soil, accelerating the formation of roots.

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