How to grow strawberries in the country: tips

How to grow strawberries in the country: tips

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Garden strawberries are the most popular berries in summer cottages. But how to grow strawberries in the country - read below.

Tips for growing strawberries

  • The most important thing is to properly prepare the soil. It must be fertilized. The plane must be horizontal. If you use land with a lot of weeds, then it is better not to dig them out, because after decay, they will create an excellent microbiological climate.
  • The primary planting of strawberries is best done with a sheet of roofing material. Small cuts are made in it, into which the strawberry bushes are placed. Do not forget about water, otherwise the plants will not take root.
  • Since the ground is covered with roofing material, there will be a minimum amount of weeds. But keep in mind that the water will also evaporate slowly, so you can't water the strawberries very often with this growing method.

Using tips on how to grow strawberries in the country, you can always please your family and guests with strawberry dishes.



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