Folded snowdrop

Folded snowdrop

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Who has not admired the beauty of the first flowers that appear after the winter cold? Of course, everyone is delighted with such a flower as folded snowdrop.

This flower got its name due to its white color, since when translated from ancient Greek "snowdrop" means milk-flowered. These wonderful flowers can literally grow out of the snow.

In the genus of snowdrops allocate 18 speciesc, which are common in Southern or Central Europe, the Caucasus, Asia Minor and the Crimea. These are low bulbous plants that have two linear leaves 10-20 cm long - they appear simultaneously with the peduncles. Snowdrop Folded or any other type of snowdrop has beautiful delicate single flowers - they drooping, bell-shaped. The perianth consists of six leaves; the fruit is a capsule. The bulbs of this plant are conical or ovoid.

Even from school age, they explain to everyone that this plant is introduced to the Red Bookand its barbaric destruction is very dangerous. But, despite the warnings, every year these beautiful flowers are destroyed for the sake of sales. That is why, in many localities, all snowdrops have already been destroyed.

If you do not want these wonderful flowers to disappear from our planet, take care of their existence. And if you want to purchase this plant, then purchase with roots and start reproducing them. Snowdrops reproduce wonderfully by dividing the tubers. There is no doubt that the plants in the flowerbed look very noble and natural, and most importantly, they do not fade for a long time, compared to plucked snowdrops.

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