Growing aquilegia from seeds

One of the original garden plants that have recently gained particular popularity is aquilegia. There is about one hundred species aquilegia, each of which surprises with its unusual color scheme.

Aquilegia is considered a perennial herb belonging to the buttercup family... Flowers have not only a beautiful original color, but also an extraordinary shape.

Subject to some recommendations growing aquilegia from seed does not present any particular difficulties.

Aquilegia seeds are sown outdoors late autumn, and in the spring they get young seedlings. Also, seeds can be sown in the spring to obtain aquilegia seedlings. For successful germination of a plant, it is advisable to choose loose and humus-fertilized soil.

Usually, the flowering of aquilegia is observed only in the second year after planting. In order for a flowering plant to develop well, it is recommended feed plant with organic or mineral fertilizers approximately once or twice during the summer season.

Aquilegia is affected by both diseases and pests. The most common are aphids, rust, powdery mildew, spider mites and gray rot... To prevent these adverse factors, prophylactic spraying plants with special means.

Although aquilegia can be grown by seedlings, most growers prefer growing aquilegia from seed. After flowering, it is recommended to cut the peduncles, since the plant is characterized by self seeding.

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