Armeria seaside

Armeria seaside

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Do you dream of decorating your garden with some interesting flower? Then armeria seaside perfect for you. In your garden, there is sure to be a place for this wonderful plant, which will delight you with its flowering and beauty.

Armeria seaside is a perennial that blooms with beautiful pink flowers that can dot the entire flower garden. This is a rather unpretentious ornamental plant.

Armeria is a winter-hardy and frost-hardy plant. This plant does not require shelter for the winter. The height of the armeria can reach 150-30 cm. The leaves are linear, narrow, blue-green and flat. There are also flowering unbranched stems, leafless. The leaves are all basal, they are also winter-green and 1-3 mm wide.

For armeria the sun is needed. The soil should be slightly acidic or sandy and well drained. The proportion of armeria is a fairly small amount of soil if it is placed in niches between stones.
This plant does not require special care. Watering is limited, depending on the drying out of the soil. Armeria blooms from June to August. Apical capitate inflorescences, flowers are pink or white. The plant propagates by dividing the bush or seeds.

The seeds should be sown in the month of February and March. If sowing takes place in open ground, then this should be done in the spring or before winter. The division of the bush can be carried out in the spring, but best of all - in the fall, after the plant has faded.

This plant is ideal for rockery or borderand also just for garden decoration. Do not be afraid to take up the cultivation of unfamiliar plants, you will definitely succeed and your garden will sparkle with new colors.

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