Scheme of planting tomatoes in a greenhouse

Scheme of planting tomatoes in a greenhouse

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Work begins on March 5th. Small containers filled with moist and warmed soil are suitable for seedlings.

Indoors, plants can be planted in mid-May. Scheme of planting tomatoes in a greenhouse will help with this. At the bottom of the greenhouse, it is necessary to pour sawdust or straw with a layer of 5 cm, then 10 cm of manure, about 15 centimeters of land left over from last year. Excess soil can be successfully used for a vegetable garden. We make holes, fill them with 5 liters of water, 30 g of fertilizer (crystallin, diamofos, nitroammofoska, we will dissolve). An excess of nitrogen-containing fertilizers is harmful, it is better to focus on magnesium, phosphorus, potassium.

Tomatoes need regular care, which consists of watering, pinching, tying. Withered leaves are removed immediately. Ideally, by early August, plants have a cap of leaves in the upper third of the stem, clusters of tomatoes in the middle, and a bare stem at the bottom. This will provide protection against late blight, reduce humidity.

Harvest as it ripens. First, we pick only red tomatoes, but before the onset of frost, a massive harvest is carried out. This is usually the end of August.

The scheme for planting tomatoes in a greenhouse plays a big role in increasing yields, but it is worth paying attention to the choice of suitable varieties for growing. Optimally - 4-7 different hybrids. It is also necessary to take into account the zoning zone.

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