Cyperus care

Cyperus care

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Cyperus although not very prestigious, but beloved by many hostesses houseplant, which looks quite exotic, but behaves "our way", not picky. I also wanted to have Cyperus because this the plant has a long beautiful history... After all, this the same papyrus, which was written in ancient Egypt... From him (or rather from his wild relative) also made boats, sandals, baskets and many other useful things.

Since this mini-palm comes from tropical rainforests, the main care for cyperus - This is frequent watering. Do not forget to spray Cyperus as well. His flowers are inconspicuous, so that the main decorative value is symmetrical neat leaf umbrellas on straight long stems... Some species of this plant reach a meter and a half in height, but there are also below.

Cyperus no need for a cool winter, you can leave it in your house with a clear conscience. Unless, of course, your temperature does not exceed +25 Celsius. Coming out of the swamps, this handsome man loves to drink some water. You can slightly reduce watering in the cold autumn-winter period. But even at this time, there should always be moisture in the pan. Top dressing is best applied in spring and summer.

Highly interestingly Cyperus breeds... You just need to tilt the stem by lowering the umbrella into a bowl of water, and after a week or two you will see white roots between the leaves. Some time after planting this root, the stem dries out, and green shoots appear.

If a cat lives in your house, it is best to keep her away from the cyperus pot. Otherwise, there may be nothing left of the umbrellas.

Watch the video: Cyperus Umbrella PlantUmbrella Palm complete Care to have healthy plant and its unique Propagation (May 2022).


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