Growing nasturtium from seeds

Growing nasturtium from seeds

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Growing nasturtium from seeds has some features dictated by the natural requirements of the plant.

In connection with thermophilicity of this plant, do not rush to sow seeds in open ground - even the slightest frost can nullify all your efforts. The seedlings will simply die before they even hatch. It is best to start sowing nasturtium seeds for seedlings not earlier than April.

The root system of nasturtium is tender and shallow, therefore, careless transplanting can harm the plant. It is best to use when growing seedlings special peat containers or cups with a retractable bottom.

Nasturtium is one of the most sun-loving herbaceous plants. A lack of sunlight will turn the plant into a stunted, wretched bush devoid of flowers. Therefore, it is better to plant nasturtium for good illuminated area or under trees in partial shade.

Growing nasturtium from seeds requires careful soil selection - she must be drained and moderately fertile... If the soil is flavored with manure and is very fertile, then the plant will form a lot of greenery - unlike flower ovaries, of which there will be very few.

There are some peculiarities when watering nasturtium... Abundant watering is necessary at the beginning of plant growth, when the shoots are young and still gaining strength. But already strengthened nasturtium bushes are better water less often, waiting for the earthen coma to dry completely.

The bloom of nasturtium can be adjusted with phosphorus and potash fertilizers... But fresh manure should never be used.

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