Indoor cypress care

Indoor cypress care

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Of the entire family of cypress trees for indoor cultivation, the most suitable large cypress, which is native to California, not the Mediterranean, like most cypress species. The plant is easy to acquire, and indoor cypress care is not particularly difficult. In nature, its needles are dark green, but with indoor cultivation it can take on a lighter shade. She smells like lemon, which is not surprising.

Indoor cypress hates dry air during the heating season. He should provide high humidity through frequent spraying. In winter, it is desirable to provide the plant with a temperature of 8-10 degrees. If this is not possible, then you will have to carry out spraying at least twice a day... In winter, watering frequency will depend on the temperature maintained. If it is 8-10 degrees, then it is enough to water once every 10-15 days, at 15 degrees - once a week. The hotter it is in the apartment, the more frequent watering the indoor cypress tree requires. From spring to autumn, the plant should be taken out to the garden or balcony, shading from the hot sun, all conifers love fresh air.

Indoor cypress care. of course, it involves feeding, but without fanaticism, otherwise the plant will be much higher than required. It is enough to feed once a month universal liquid mineral fertilizer, but it is better to make the dose half the amount indicated on the package. The plant propagates by seeds and cuttings. A transplant is recommended every two years, and it is necessary to transplant with a lump of earth, that is, the replacement of the earth will turn out to be partial. Do not forget that the plant needs good drainage and a mixture of leafy and soddy soil with the addition of sand and peat.

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