Yucca beak - evergreen

Yucca beak - evergreen

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Yucca beak is a perennial tree plant from subtropical North America. This plant from the agave family has up to 40 species.

At home, yucca is used in various fields of activity: from flowers, juice is obtained, which has a high sugar content, from another species, strong fibers are produced, which were used to make the first jeans. In the United States, yucca fibers are still added to jeans for strength and wear resistance. Yucca fibers serve as the basis for the production of paper and rope ropes, they are used for medicinal purposes.

Yucca beak is an evergreen plant with a low, non-branching or slightly branching stem. In some species of yucca, the stem is practically invisible, but large beautiful leaves immediately grow, which are arranged in a spiral. Yucca inflorescences are large, erect, up to 2 meters in length, similar to panicles coming out of the center of the rosette. The flowers are white, bell-shaped. The ten-centimeter fruit is in the form of a box, in which black seeds ripen.

At home, beak yucca grows best in the hallway or spacious rooms, since it grows up to 4 meters in height. The appearance of the yucca is like a false palm tree.

Multiply yucca seeds, stem segments, apical cuttings.

Yucca is very light-requiring, but it needs to be sheltered from direct sunlight, especially on the southern windows.

In spring and summer content temperature should be around + 20 + 25 degrees. In autumn and winter - about + 10 + 12 degrees.

Watering intensity and frequency depends on air temperature, material humidity and pot size, soil characteristics and Yucca size.

The first flowering of yucca does not occur soon, because only adult specimens bloom.

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