How and when to plant strawberries in spring

How and when to plant strawberries in spring

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Nowadays, there are many different ways and methods of planting strawberries. If you decide to plant strawberries this year and learn about how to plant this wonderful berry, then we advise you to read this article.


  • Determination of the strawberry variety
  • Preparing seedling beds
  • Features of planting strawberries and recommendations
  • Watering plants

Determination of the strawberry variety

First of all, you need to choose a strawberry variety. Today the most popular variety is “pineapple strawberry”. This variety is a perennial plant and usually consists of emerging peduncles, which are located in a rosette of leaves. Inflorescences with small white flowers are located on the peduncles.

Preparing seedling beds

Next, we prepare the ridges. Strawberries grow ideally on the southwestern slopes. The soil should be well structured and rested. Low places and places where groundwater flows nearby are considered a good place for the location of ridges. If the ridges are located next to groundwater, then the height of the first should be at least 40 centimeters. In dry places, you can make low ridges up to 15 centimeters. The distance between the ridges should be 90-95 centimeters.

Various cereals are considered ideal predecessors, the predecessors of the Solanaceae family are less suitable. Remember not to plant strawberries in the place where they grew earlier. You can land on the previous place only after a few years. If your land plot is adjacent to a forest or wild field, then there is a high probability of the appearance of the May beetle.

Another equally important factor affecting the fruiting of berries is the acidity of the soil. If your soil is low in acidity, then fertilize the soil with a lime solution. If the acidity of the soil is increased, gypsum is added in such cases.

Features of planting strawberries and recommendations

The best time to plant strawberries is early spring or mid-summer.

The site should be free of weeds and especially wheatgrass roots. The leaves of the seedlings must be of the appropriate color for their variety and must be healthy, undamaged, with a good horse system.

When planting, the root part of the plant is planted in the soil, while it is undesirable for the root system to wrap up. If you are worried that the weather will be cool when planting, then you can plant the seedlings in a small greenhouse or cover the garden bed with plastic wrap.

Also, planting strawberries in spring has a number of its own characteristics:

  • The whiskers of the plant must be perennial.
  • Weeding strawberries should be done carefully and painstakingly, since the fruiting plant does not tolerate various weeds.
  • One or two months before planting strawberries, it is necessary to disinfect the soil.
  • Do not use beds that have had nightshade plants.
  • Before planting, the strawberry mustache should be placed in a bag or container with 100 grams of water.
  • Plant rosettes root better in soil containing peat and sand.
  • If you want to plant strawberry seedlings in early spring, then it is advisable to develop the soil at the end of summer.

Seedlings should be planted at a distance of up to 30 centimeters from each other. Before planting, the plants should be kept in a cool place for two to three days. If in the autumn you did not fertilize the soil, then fertilizer from ash, humus or droppings must be applied to the holes where the plants will be planted, depending on which component you have available. The soil must be moist or dry.

If you are planting plants in dry soil, then after planting, the seedlings will need to be watered. But in this case, the fertilizer in the hole may move slightly lower, from the location of the root system, and at the initial stage all nutrients will be inaccessible to the plant.

When planting, the root system of the plant must be vertically spaced. If the root system hangs down, then the roots need to be cut off 8-10 centimeters. During planting, the roots should be in close contact with the soil in the hole.

Watering plants

Good fruiting plants will depend on proper watering. In hot weather and on days without rain, seedlings should be watered once or twice a day. Do not water very often or in small doses, it can be dangerous for plants and lead to diseases such as berry rot, powdery mildew and other diseases.

The best watering time for strawberries is considered to be the morning. Watering in the morning helps to dry out the root system by the night.

Before the flowering period, plants must be watered using sprinkler irrigation. With this method, leaf cleaning is faster. During the flowering of seedlings when watering, try not to touch the flowers and fruits, water the soil layer. The water temperature during irrigation should be at least 16 degrees Celsius. During heavy rains, the ridges should be covered with plastic wrap.

Remember that with proper care, strawberry seedlings bear fruit abundantly, the fruits of the plant will be of the correct shape, have a good appearance and correspond to their taste. If you do not have certain skills in planting seedlings, then we advise you to purchase the relevant literature, in which the planting process and plant care methods are described in more detail.

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