Hyacinth care at home

Hyacinth care at home

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Hyacinth is a very beautiful flower that can be grown both in a summer cottage and indoors.

There is about 30 kinds hyacinth. Despite the variety of colors of the plant, hyacinth always remains a bright flower.

Hyacinth care at home differs from outdoor care. Typically, hyacinth is grown at home for early flowering.

Hyacinth multiplies bulbsTherefore, it is best to choose a healthy, medium-sized bulb for planting hyacinth indoors. Now for the bulb it is necessary to create conditions for its ripening. To do this, it is placed in a pot with a special soil for hyacinths, which can be purchased at the store, and sprinkled with earth on top. In this state, the hyacinth bulb should be stored for about 8-10 weeks in complete darkness at temperatures below 8 degrees. A refrigerator is ideal for storing it. In this case, it is necessary to constantly maintain soil moisture.

Further cultivation and care of hyacinth at home is temperature conditions, lighting and watering... After the bulb sprouts, the flower should continue to grow at a temperature of about 15 degrees. As soon as the flower buds appear, the temperature should be raised to 20 degrees.

To maintain flowering, it is necessary plenty of light and no drafts... It is necessary to water the plant very carefully, not getting water on the colorful flowers and green leaves.

Subject to these simple rules, hyacinth will always delight with its beauty.

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