Planting and caring for a chubushnik

Planting and caring for a chubushnik

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Chubushnik, or as it is also called - garden jasmine, refers to ornamental shrubs and stands out for its delicate delicate aroma and unusually beautiful flowering. In nature, there are many species of this plant, each of which has many varieties.

Plant and grow garden jasmine will not be difficult. This plant is propagated by means of layering, cuttings or by dividing the bush.

For propagation by cuttings, during the flowering period of the plant, they choose semi-lignified shoots of a small size, from which the leaves are removed, put in water for 3-4 days, and then planted in the ground (pots, or a groove in the greenhouse). To speed up the cuttings, cover with foil. Keep the cuttings in the shade, as the sun can dry them. After rooting, the cuttings should be planted. In the first year, cuttings do not always grow, which is a feature. For the winter, it is imperative to cover the plant with spruce branches or foliage, so that it does not freeze out.

For reproduction by means of a bendto, you should initially root a small lower branch of the bush, bending it down and sprinkling it with earth, periodically carefully moistening the soil. After rooting, they are transplanted to a permanent place.

For breeding chubushnik with seeds, they should be sown in the spring. After the first shoots appear, they should be treated with a weak solution of manganese. At 1-2 weeks, the seedlings dive and are planted in the ground only in the fall.

As for any plant, the essence of caring for a mock-orange is regular proper watering, top dressing and loosening of the soil.

Chubushnik is absolutely not fastidious and not demanding plant; with proper care, it will delight the owner's eye for many years.

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