Nemophila in the photo

Nemophila in the photo will not leave anyone indifferent. Nemophila is also called American forget-me-notsince her homeland is North America. Nemophila is an annual plant with blue, black or white flowers. The diameter of the flowers is 3 centimeters.

Nemophila in the photo is different openwork foliage and short stature (up to 25 centimeters). Nemophila has pubescent creeping stems and the same pubescent leaves.

Seeds can be sown as early as April in open soil. For nemophila flowering in autumn, seeds must be sown in July. Under room conditions, nemophila can be sown at an earlier date. The seeds of this plant will germinate in about two weeks. The soil needs to be moistened periodically. To the conditions of nemophila undemanding. Even on poor soils, it can easily grow, but the best flowering occurs on nutritious and loose soils.

For a solid carpet of nemophila, it must be planted 10-20 centimeters from each other. This plant treats well partial shade and wet soils... But nemophila can hardly endure the high air temperature. At this time, you need her often. to waterand also keep roots and soil cool. Therefore use a thick layer of mulch.

Nemophiles are very different long flowering period, because of this, they are more and more popular. Nemophila is also grown as a pot plant. It is used to decorate hanging containers and baskets. Nemophila goes well with other annuals.

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