Correct cultivation of perennial gypsophila

Correct cultivation of perennial gypsophila

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Light and airy, like a cloud, delicate, graceful - these epithets refer to a very beautiful flowering plant - gypsophila. but that is not the case. Growing gypsophila perennial actually not that difficult. You just need to remember some of the nuances.

The very name of this interesting plant indicates which soil it prefers, because gypso in Latin is lime, and philos is friend. But since such a beauty is still not too whimsical, it grows successfully on any non-acidic soils. The only thing is that it would be good to feed the soil with humus before planting gypsophila. Fertilizing gypsophila with manure is not recommended.

Gypsophila loves water, therefore it is necessary to water it regularly and abundantly, but not to allow stagnation of water. therefore, before planting this plant, it is necessary to consider drainage of the site.

Gypsophila for your site can be made from seeds collected from a faded plant. These seeds are sown in prepared soil in April, at the beginning of May. Also, if you wish, you can sow gypsophila seeds in the winter. When the plants grow a little, they can be replanted. Since the gypsophila spreads well, it must be planted with this in mind: each plant is at a distance from the other so that there are no more than three plants on one square meter. This plant quickly spreads over the accessible area, and therefore its growth should be controlled, otherwise the gypsophila will be able to "hammer" weaker plants.

Do not expect many years of abundant growth from gypsophila in the first year. She will reveal all her beauty only two or three years later. And that's when it will become a magnificent decoration for your garden plot.

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