How to care for fuchsia correctly

How to care for fuchsia correctly

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Fuchsia - a very beautiful flower named after the German doctor and botanist L. People called him "ballerina" due to the fact that the flowers have charming ballet slippers.

The flower is quite simple to maintain. How to care for fuchsia, I will tell you in this article.

How to care for fuchsia

Before purchasing a flower decide on its location... He is picky about rearranging from place to place and does not like to be turned over. It can be either a lit sunny place without direct sunlight, or artificial lighting. In both cases, it grows well. Artificial lighting can be created using fluorescent lamps. If there is not enough light, then the fuchsia will grow, stretch out and deprive you of charming flowering.

Fuchsia grows at room temperature 18 - 20 degrees. The difficulty lies in the fact that in winter it must be placed in a cool place, where the temperature is 8 - 10 degrees with a plus sign. You can put it on a glazed balcony.

Watering fuchsia loves regular and abundant. It is not worth pouring in. The earth is dry, water it. Alternate watering with a spray of leaves. For these purposes, use settled water at room temperature.

Pay attention to fertilizers... As well as to the place, fuchsia is picky about them. Overfeed, she will give lush foliage and a couple of flowers. Conduct complementary foods every two weeks. Fertilizers are suitable for her as for pelargoniums. In winter, fuchsia is on a diet, do not apply fertilizers.

Essential for good growth and good looks fuchsia pluck... The best time is in spring, before flowering. Don't get carried away too much.

Transplant fuchsia as needed when the pot becomes small. Buy land ready-made or do it yourself. You will need one part of peat, compost and humus and two parts of coarse sand. Mix all components. Make good drainage.

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