Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill - little tricks

Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill - little tricks

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In the vegetable departments of supermarkets, we often see baskets with cherry tomato crumbs. Few people will remain indifferent after trying this fragrant, thin-skinned, sweetish vegetable! You can try growing cherry tomatoes on a windowsill, and here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes.


  • Growing and grooming tips
  • Tips for a note
  • Varieties and hybrids for windowsill and loggia
  • A little about fertilizing and planting substrate

Growing and grooming tips

So, to grow cherry tomatoes on the windowsill, you will need:

  • choose containers for growing (better cylindrical than square or rectangular - they are worse filled with the root system) and fill them with nutritious soil;
  • choose the most illuminated window sill (preferably not northern or western);
  • organize additional lighting (preferably with a source of shortwave red-blue light) - with a lack of light, buds fall off;
  • plant the seeds in pallets covered with plastic wrap, until the shoots appear, keep the pallets in a dark and warm (25-30 degrees) place, then the film is removed, after the appearance of two "real" sheets, the plants are dived and planted in a permanent place;
  • after planting in a permanent place, the seedlings are looked after in the same way as in the open field - watering, pinching, feeding, fighting diseases, tying to a support;
  • if desired and with sufficient skills, tomatoes at home can be grown hydroponically.

Tips for a note

When caring for tomatoes, keep an eye on the optimum moisture - excess moisture pushes the plant into growth, it actively builds up stepchildren. It is advisable to halve watering in cloudy weather.
In tomatoes, the stamens are spliced ​​with the pistil, or rather around it, so they are self-pollinated. But the high moisture content of the soil and the temperature of the environment above 30 degrees makes it difficult to form ovaries. Therefore, it is better to walk with a brush over your cherry pets, helping them to set fruits.

An interesting feature of tomatoes is their ability to root stems and cuttings. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to drive out the cherry for the windowsill from seeds, you can transfer the plant directly from the garden, or root its stepsons or shoots.

If you want to root the stepsons, then add a drop of flower fertilizer to a glass of water. Under good indoor conditions, they will take root in just a week. But if you multiplied cherry in the fall, then in the spring it is even easier to get good seedlings in two weeks! Such seedlings will be ready for fruiting in a month, because you are taking part of an already developed bush.

Continuing to list the advantages of such cherry cultivation, we can add that rooted tomatoes planted in open ground will have time to yield a crop before the mass spread of phytophthora.

Well, in June, you can safely plant newly rooted shoots that will bear fruit until October.
I can not help but share the trick used by German gardeners to restrain the pulling of tomato seedlings in low light conditions. They brush the top of the shoots and leaves with a brush, thereby slightly damaging the hairs. Plants immediately slow down growth and bush.

The experience of growing tomatoes in iron buckets is also interesting. Such seedlings are not planted at all in the ground, and late blight does not touch them. Apparently, iron strongly inhibits this parasitic fungus.

Varieties and hybrids for the loggia and the windowsill

  • Craiova
  • Cherry Lisa F1
  • Bonsai
  • F1 bead
  • Thumbelina
  • Baby
  • Pygmy
  • Minibel
  • Greenfinch F1
  • Date F1
  • Cherry Likopa F1

A little about fertilizing and planting substrate

I think many will agree that it is difficult to pass by bright labels with fertilizers and dressings in supermarkets. Planting a mini-vegetable garden on the windowsill, it seems that without additional food, the pets will not do it. But we do not feed special cats and dogs. vitamins constantly. So for plants enhanced nutrition is not only unnecessary, but also harmful.

Excessive nutrition with mineral complexes will lead to their accumulation in fruits. I think no one wants to be poisoned by their own harvest. Therefore, it is better to properly prepare the planting substrate, and take some WMD (no more than twice a month) and simple plant tinctures for feeding.
We prepare the soil substrate from a mixture of sod or garden soil, compost, peat and sand.

The addition of charcoal will have a positive effect on the development of tomatoes, it contains the whole complex of minerals, with the exception of nitrogen.

It has been noticed that simple mechanical mixing of the substrate is less effective than mixing with spraying of layers. Spraying, as it were, more structured the planting substrate, and in the future the water better wets the soil, does not roll down to the plant stem.

By following these simple rules and marking the necessary tricks for yourself, you can probably get healthy, fruiting cherry tomatoes on the windowsill.

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