Growing green beans in a personal plot

Growing green beans in a personal plot

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A person desperately needs those vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals. And that's why growing green beans is of great interest and will bring a rich set of vitamins and minerals to the home table.

For most of the climatic regions of our country, the cultivation of both bush and woven beans is most suitable. Beans love enough moistened sandy loam or light loamy soil... This vegetable - thermophilic, therefore, the site for growing beans is best located in a sheltered, sunny place. When planting beans in the ground, it should be remembered that they germinate best in warm weather, and light-colored beans are more thermophilic than dark-colored ones. For any kind of green beans, the temperature for good growth is 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Bean seeds before planting it is necessary soak in water room temperature. This is done for better germination. Some gardeners soak the beans before planting until the sprouts "bite", while others do it for only a few hours. Planting depth is from two to five centimeters, it is best to plant two seeds in each hole. Green beans are planted in rows, at a distance of 40-50 cm, one row from another, with a distance between plants in a row of 10-12 cm. Bean seeds planted in the ground germinate in 15-20 days.

Beans, like some other vegetables, are necessary spud... This is done to strengthen the root system and improve plant nutrition during the period of fruit ovary. Hilling is carried out when the bean bush grows to a height of 10 cm.

Growing and fruiting beans are easy to care for. It must be watered abundantly, loosened between the rows, and weeded regularly. Then do-it-yourself green beans will delight you with a bountiful harvest of wholesome and delicious fruits.

Good luck!

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