Silver courtyard in your flower garden

Silver courtyard in your flower garden

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Silver Cortaderia, belonging to the bluegrass family, has about 23 species. The plant got its name for the sharpness of the leaf edge from the Spanish word to cut (cortar).

Silver cortaderia is an ornamental perennial cereal, reaching a height of three meters under good living conditions. The long lanceolate leaves of the cortaderia, in contrast to the slender, straight peduncles bearing the lush panicles of the inflorescences, elegantly curve, giving the plant a sophistication. The fluffy inflorescences of the cortaderia are not afraid of cold and snow, so they decorate the garden area literally until the new season.

In horticultural culture, silvery cortaderia growing in the pampas (steppes) of South America is used, which is why it was called "pampas grass".

Over time, the cortaderia is silvery grows into dense plantationsthat look very impressive. The main decoration of the cortaderia is the lush spike-shaped inflorescences on slender peduncles.

Cortaderia is silvery, like its relatives, drought tolerant, does not require watering even in the most severe drought. The plant is indifferent to diseases and garden pests. Cortaderia grows well on fertile loamy or permeable clay soils of any acidity. The main condition for lush flowering is a lot of sun.

Breeds pampas grass by dividing the bush, which is produced at the end of winter (possible at the beginning of spring). You can also multiply by seeds, they give high germination.

Regular pruning is an important part of grooming, although dangerous sharp leaves and heights can be challenging. Old yellowed leaves clogging the center of the curtain should be periodically removed.

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