How to grow coffee at home

How to grow coffee at home

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how growing coffee at home to carry out? Many people love this plant. It blooms with beautiful flowers. And the ripe fruit smells very tasty.

Coffee for an apartment

Many people grow this plant because of its exoticism. After all, it does not grow in all countries - if we talk about natural conditions. But if you remember about indoor conditions, it turns out that in the north you can grow a noble plant. Indoor conditions Arabica is the most common. Many people think that this variety is drinkable. In fact, it is really possible. Only if during growth you did not water the tree with hormones and harmful additives. How to grow a coffee tree at home?

  • You can buy ready-made sprouts. They are usually sold several in a pot. They sell several seedlings there. They have to be seated;
  • You can grow coffee from seeds. Only those sold in stores are unlikely to fit. Only fresh fruits are needed for planting. We'll have to look for them from friends;
  • You can apply cuttings. Notches are made on it with a needle - it is believed that this is how grafting will be carried out sooner;
  • The sprout needs loose soil, and it will also need drainage;
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

Here are some rules. When transplanting the cuttings, abundant watering is required. Do not forget that every newcomer needs a quarantine - about a week. The tree bears fruit willingly. It is believed that you do not need to pinch off the flowers. It is better to make sure that the tree does not go into the ceiling. Many deliberately pinch the top so that the sprout "goes wide." Even a small bush can produce flowers. This is how the cultivation of coffee at home is carried out.

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