Euonymus in the photo and in life

Euonymus belongs to the genus Eonimus and has about 200 species of small trees or shrubs. About 20 species of this plant grow on the territory of Russia and Ukraine.

Euonymus in the photo already makes himself admire, but in life he looks even more attractive. Euonymus leaves are colored yellow, white or light green or combine them, which makes the plant decorative.

Euonymus can be either deciduous or evergreen, depending on the species. If you grow it indoors, then a tree can grow by 1-1.5 meters, in open areas it can reach 4 meters in height.

Flowering begins only in autumn, the flowers are completely inconspicuous, but the fruits, then tied, similar to red-pink boxes, attract a lot of birds. Thanks to the birds, the main reproduction of this plant occurs in nature.

Not all, but many, species are gutta-perchenos. Euonymus bark is especially rich in gutta.

More often euonymus is grown outdoors, it grows well in large flower beds on terraces and balconies. Variegated (variegated) species are kept indoors, in pots. Japanese euonymus and rooting euonymus are mainly used as a pot culture. These trees have the ability to heal the air in the room where they are assigned a place.

The euonymus is unpretentious to light conditions: it can grow in well-lit places and in partial shade. More light is needed for variegated varieties of euonymus. The plant does not like drafts, but the fresh air in the room is good for it.

The spindle tree in the photo (especially its variegated views) looks very decorative and will decorate your garden, summer cottages or city apartment.

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