Growing coleus from seeds

Growing coleus from seeds

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Bright nettle that does not sting, but only pleases the eye - this Coleus, one of many representatives ornamental plants... This plant can be interesting to decorate a balcony or a flower bed, and with the arrival of August it is also will bloom with fragrant inflorescences.

Coleus can be propagated by seeds or cuttings, as it is more convenient for anyone. Since today in flower shops the choice of planting material is simply huge, then growing coleus from seeds becomes a very simple and exciting business. Having chosen the variety you like, you need to prepare the soil. For this they take equally divided leaf and turf land, as well as sand... Sown most often in March. Moisturizing is done lightly, best of all from a spray bottle or just a little spoonful. It is good if after that you can cover the crops with glass or film. They must sprout in a warm place without drafts... The optimum temperature is 22-26 ° C.

Germinated seedlings are needed from time to time pinch and dive. This plant loves moderate watering. You need to be especially careful with excessive moisture in the winter (if you left the Coleus for the winter). You can also grow it as an annual plant, as after a year, it already loses its decorative qualities.

Coleus is an unpretentious, interesting decoration for a summer cottage. In addition to the usual varieties, which sometimes grow more than half a meter, there are also undersized dwarf, and with beautiful corrugated leaves, with different colors, edging.

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