Growing Chinese cabbage at their summer cottage

Growing Chinese cabbage at their summer cottage

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The soil for planting Chinese cabbage is prepared in the same way as for other species of this plant. meter.

Growing Chinese cabbage implies sowing seeds directly into the ground - the plant is very difficult to transfer.

  • Seeds are sown in prepared beds in mid to late April.
  • Sowing Chinese cabbage is recommended in rows, the distance between which must be at least 30 cm, or according to the scheme 40X30 cm.
  • The land on the site where it is planned to grow Chinese cabbage should be periodically pollinated with wood ash sifted through a sieve. This will prevent an attack on the crops of the cruciferous flea beetle.
  • Cabbage shoots will appear in 7-10 days.

The successful cultivation of Chinese cabbage requires thinning crops, the distance between plants should not be less than 15-20 cm, with the nesting method 1 plant in the nest. It is necessary throughout the entire period of cabbage cultivation to loosen the soil and keep it clean from weeds. When the Chinese cabbage reaches the desired size, it is removed from the beds. With good care, the yield can be up to 15 kg per 1 square meter.

When growing Chinese cabbage in autumn, you can get a higher crop yield. Sowing seeds into the ground is carried out in late July and early August. Since during this period the weather is usually drier, plants will require systematic watering.

If stored properly, the fall harvest can be consumed until midwinter. For this purpose, the plants are removed from the garden bed with roots, dropped into wet sand in a well-ventilated basement.

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