Dutch technology for growing potatoes

Dutch technology for growing potatoes

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The Dutch potato growing technology has been developed for large farms that have various agricultural machines, however, individual elements can be used by summer residents and gardeners who want to get a high yield from their acres.

In order for the potato to grow well and be fertile, it is necessary to create optimal conditions for the development of the root system and tops on the soil, which is constantly supplied with water and air.

Dutch potato growing technology is:

- the use of milling tools for loosening the soil;

- the use of herbicides;

- everything is done on time and with high quality;

- after the formation of ridges, inter-row soil cultivation is no longer carried out;

- only high-quality planting material is used (tubers are small, healthy, treated for various infections and diseases, with sprouted five or more eyes);

- the principle of correct thickening: at least thirty stems per square meter;

- heating and germination of tubers with shallow planting, and only after the emergence of seedlings do hilling and formation of ridges;

- the formation of wide row spacings (75 cm), this allows not to cut the roots of plants during hilling, and a sufficient amount of soil will not allow the tubers to bare and turn green;

- mandatory treatment of potatoes against late blight and aphids with chemicals;

- early harvesting, and after removing the tops, the tubers are left in place in the soil for another ten days, for better ripening, the formation of a strong peel, which increases the safety of tubers.

The main mistake of our gardeners and summer residents when planting potatoes is the use of low-quality material for planting (usually old shriveled potatoes with low reproduction). Plus, due to ignorance of the biological characteristics of plants, they violate the technologies of cultivation and cultivation, they do not use remedies against diseases, which is why, as a result, they get a low yield or a low-quality product.

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