Seven tips on how to properly plant cucumbers

 Seven tips on how to properly plant cucumbers

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It is difficult to find a summer cottage where diligent amateur gardeners do not grow cucumbers. And almost everyone is sure they know how to plant cucumbers... Someone prefers to grow seedlings, while someone sows cucumbers directly into the ground, someone leaves the cucumbers free to lie on the ground, and someone prefers the tapestry method of growing cucumbers.

How to properly plant cucumbers under a trellis

  1. A ridge 1 m wide is formed from the prepared (fertilized and dug up) earth, a small shaft about 15 cm high is arranged in the middle of it.
  2. In the shaft with an interval of 20 cm, holes are made, in which the cucumber seedlings are carefully planted.
  3. A peg is driven in near each plant, to which a twine forming a trellis is tied (you can use a special trellis net made of wire or slats).
  4. On cucumbers, twine should be tied very easily so that it does not interfere with the growth and development of the plant.
  5. When planting cucumbers, which are pollinated by bees, the plant must be allowed into one stem. It is on it that the bulk of the harvest will be formed. To do this, you need to pinch all the growing points of growth, without affecting the leaves and the main stem.
  6. Hybrid cucumbers, in which female flowers are formed throughout the bush, can be launched in two or three shoots. But if the plant grows uncontrollably, then the beginning of fruiting may be delayed, and the number of fruits will decrease.
  7. To avoid excessive shading with a significant number of lashes, cucumbers need to be planted much less often than when a plant is formed in one lash.

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