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Bush beans

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Bush beans are a low plant, the maximum height of which can reach 60cm. Growing this plant requires certain climatic conditions and proper care.

Bush beans belongs to heat-loving plants, therefore it is necessary to adhere to late boarding... In this case, the soil temperature should be not less than 14 degreesotherwise the seeds may die in cold soil.

It is best to plant beans seeds in the first decade of May. Planting depth should not exceed two centimeters. Immediately after planting the seeds, it is recommended cover the bed with foil. In warm conditions, seed shoots can already be seen after 5-6 days.

Seedling method of growing bush beans have advantages over the seed method. Seedlings are grown in greenhouse conditions and only then are planted in open ground. It is best to plant beans seedlings in early June. If possible, it is recommended to cover it with foil. Bush beans develop well at temperatures from 20 to 25 degrees.

There are several varieties bush beans:

  • Sugar

  • Semi-sugar

  • Peeling

Peeling varieties are grown exclusively for the harvest of mature beans. Beans are harvested only after the bean flaps are slightly dry. These varieties are characterized by a long shelf life.

Sugar varieties are distinguished by the absence of a parchment layer, as well as very delicate bean valves. Semi-sugar bush beans are grown for unripe green crops. Unripe beans are poorly stored, so it is recommended to consume them on the day of harvest or freeze them.

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