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Sandbox - sandpit

Sandbox - sandpit

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Children usually love being at sea, but working parents may not always be able to afford long vacation periods. Whoever has a rather spacious garden to recreate a play area can then insert a sandbox. It is a container in which there is sand. And if the child also has a pool available, the fun is really guaranteed. For children, sand is a very fun element to play, both alone and in company. For this reason, those who are able to enter it should also purchase it to diversify the alternatives offered to children.


In the field of outdoor games, the sandbox is made of wood or plastic. The wooden one generally has a rectangular shape and is large enough for the child to be able to sit inside. The plastic sandbox often resembles a container and sometimes represents the shape of marine animals. Plastic is a very resistant material widely used for outdoor games. There is also a lid, so that the sand does not get wet if it rains. The child takes the sand directly from the sandbox just as if it were on the beach and can also invite other friends to take part in this game. Moreover, the sandbox can also be made personally: it is a matter of creating a wooden container that has a height that prevents the sand from escaping. Care should be taken that no nails are present which could pose a danger to the child. When designing a garden, the space to be dedicated to the playground must be adequate for the games it will contain, otherwise it is preferable to include less but leave enough space in which the child can have fun. The sandbox is a rather considered element among the various classic outdoor games and those who do not have a garden sometimes place it also on the terrace.

How to choose it

As we have seen, there are only two alternatives and they differ in material and form. The choice therefore lies solely with the customer, who can make a comparison taking into account the price differences. The plastic one can also be emptied and is easily washable, while the wooden one, if fixed to the ground, cannot be moved and during the winter period it is always advisable to keep it covered and empty. When it comes to having to furnish the outdoor space with children's toys, you can always decide to let the child choose what to buy. Moreover, by making a specific reference to the sandbox, it can be of different shapes and colors, and if the child is present he can decide to buy what seems to him to be more colorful and fun. Beyond the model chosen, the sandbox allows the child to live a new experience directly in his garden while waiting to go to the sea.

Where to buy

The sandbox is purchased at stores that sell items for children or outdoor games. Being an outdoor game less requested than others, it will certainly be possible to find it only by contacting well-stocked outlets. As an alternative to the traditional shop you can decide to buy the sandbox also on the internet. However, it will be necessary to find sites specialized in the sale of outdoor games and with just a few clicks you can check if the model you are looking for is present. On the net the article is presented through a series of photographs that allow to see the model and a card that lists its specific characteristics. Before placing the order it would be advisable to read carefully all the conditions listed on the site to be possibly prepared to exercise the right of withdrawal. It could happen that the delivered item does not match the one ordered or that there is some defective item. Since the online purchase is protected by the same guarantees, the item can easily be returned to the sender. Also on the site you will find all the information relating to the method of payment and the time required for delivery.

Sandbox - sandpit: Costs

The sandbox has a rather affordable cost. Many, however, avoid buying it mainly because they do not have the space available, especially if there is a slide or a swing in the garden. To have clearer ideas it is better to go to a sales point and also check the model that could be more convenient. For this type of games that accompany the growth of the child for several years you can also spend a little more, because they will allow them to be entertained in a fun way even in the company of friends.