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The windbreak is used both in gardens and in agriculture, its function is to shelter the area affected by the action of the wind. In a garden, the windbreak is also used as a dividing panel between one space and another, or as a side fence for the perimeter of your home.

Wooden windbreak

They are made of wood, in a rather simple structure: the slats are placed side by side just like a single panel, with two feet that will be used for fixing to the ground. The fixing is a fundamental phase for the installation of the windbreak. It is advisable to create a sort of support to ensure greater stability. Moreover, the windbreak in wood it is rather characteristic and integrates well inside a garden. In fact, alternating gratings and windbreaks creates a lively and not monotonous structure. The wood is treated with natural substances that make it even more resistant to the action of rain, it guarantees a rather long duration and when the first signs of deterioration start to appear, it is necessary to intervene, turning to a store specialized in paints for paints. 'purchase of a product indicated precisely for wood. Since it is a structure sold for individual modules, it will be necessary to buy as many as the space that will be surrounded.

Protection function

Few times is employed the windbreak to divide an area of ​​the garden because, being an entirely closed structure, it does not let pass neither the air nor the light as instead happens for the grating. When placed in a garden, it can also be called sun breakers, precisely because it completely prevents the sun's rays from passing through it. To this total closure a planter could also be placed to make the appearance less severe. They are particularly indicated for the realization of a dining area, because in this area both the sun and the wind can be quite annoying.

The windbreak in agriculture

The application of the windbreak is also related to the field of agriculture, since, if it is true that a moderate wind is favorable because it transports pollen, on the other hand a strong wind could cause serious damage to crops. If rather delicate plants have been grown, the use of the windbreak becomes necessary. The effects of a strong wind are rather negative both for the plant and for the fruit and this also determines a consequent drying up of the soil. This is therefore also linked to economic damage for the same farmer. It could mean that the harvest will be lost, so the precautionary measures are so fundamental that they cannot be renounced.

Windbreak in windy areas

In areas like Tunisia, for example, the fields are protected from the wind by palm leaves. An entire barricade is created along the perimeter that will have the task of repairing crops from strong sandstorms. Among other things, in these areas where rainfall is rather scarce, the violence of the wind is precisely one of the causes of poor harvests. In Italy there are areas exposed during the whole year to strong gusts of wind, so all those crops that are protected inside greenhouses will have to be repaired by means of windbreak panels or nets. Those who decide to start farming must be prepared for any eventuality, especially because the weather conditions are quite unpredictable. However if it is already known that the area is subjected to strong gusts of wind it is necessary to prevent the devastating action in this way.


The cost of a garden windbreak depends on its structure and therefore on the quality of the wood, obviously the expense will be greater the greater the number of windbreak modules to be purchased. In the specific case of panels used in agriculture, you will need to look for DIY or gardening stores in order to have any advice on how to install them. However, the function of the windbreak is important both if it is used in a garden and if it is used for an agricultural field. When even in the garden rather delicate flowers are grown which would not withstand the force of the wind, it is important to repair them by means of these panels, a perfect solution to guarantee them a long survival.


The windbreak panel requires to be fixed in a very firm manner in order to be really resistant to any strong gust of wind, so when assembling you must pay great attention to strictly follow the indications given. In the category of windbreaks, in addition to wooden panels, there are also nets, which are those that are most widely used in the field of agriculture. They are often also used as protection from prying eyes to surround the perimeter of the garden. Their shirt is so thick that it leaves absolutely nothing visible.

Garden grills and windbreak: Windbreak

The importance that a crucial element can have for the furnishing of your garden, such as the windbreak, is often underestimated. Through this new subsection of our site, more specifically, you will finally come across a series of very useful information, which will make your decision on a subject of this type absolutely aware.
Our aim, in particular, is to let you know the main characteristics of each type of windbreak, without ever neglecting the "commercial" component: we will dedicate, in fact, an entire page to their sale, in an attempt to make you perceive the current trends regarding their market prices. We are waiting for you.


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