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Wooden houses

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The garden is a space that, if organized in a rational manner, can become not only a pleasant place to spend the summer, but also a useful space where you can arrange the objects that cannot be kept at home. The wooden garden houses perform different functions, according to the customer's needs. The main features of a wooden house are: the material used for the construction, the size, the structure, the accessory elements to be inserted, the interior furnishings.


The material used for the construction is wood, which in itself already possesses particular characteristics that make it suitable for the external environment: resistance to temperature changes, thermal isolation, the use of a completely natural material. To reinforce the characteristic of resistance, wood in its natural state can also be treated with special paints that allow it to last longer. The entire structure of the house is made of wood, including the floor and the roof. The wood is cut into fairly thick planks, placed side by side, and if you decide to mount it yourself, you will notice the ease because each plank fits perfectly with the other. Wood is a natural material which, when placed in a garden, guarantees harmony with all the rest and such a house cannot constitute an element of contrast. The wooden house may be of such dimensions as to make it really similar to a miniature house or be capacious only to such an extent that it can be used as a storage room.


The choice of the dimensions of the wooden house must follow the customer's need but also respect the space available. Many love to use this house as a place for hobbies, where they can take refuge to give free rein to their creativity. The structure of the house varies greatly depending on the use. If you only need to have a storage room inside the house, you may need to place containers or shelves, but if it is to be used as a hobby area or as a space for sleeping guests, the furniture must be adequate. The additional elements of a wooden house are a space in front of the house, perhaps a small patio and steps, or an additional cover on the side of the house itself, which can also be used as a shelter for the car. The purchase of a wooden house is accompanied by the assembly kit which explains all the different steps to follow in order to facilitate the work and finish it in a short time, and find yourself in the garden a comfortable storage room. The roof is covered with bituminous tiles that prevent water infiltration. The same house can also be illuminated by lights, the important thing is to let the lighting system reach the location.


A medium-sized house usually has a structure composed of an entrance and one or more windows. Those who want to buy a wooden house to place it in the mountains find the most suitable solution in this type, considering its usefulness and the low cost compared to the construction of a masonry house of the same size. To make it even more similar to a normal home, it can also be equipped with planters and all those elements that characterize a normal home. Wood, among other things, does not produce pollution, and only this material is used to make this kind of house. It offers the possibility of having a small outbuilding in the garden, without damaging the surrounding environment. It is a garden element that finds a good collocation both in mountain and country areas, is suitable for the most different uses and gives the environment a strong taste and well integrated with nature.

Wooden houses: Utility and convenience

The garden houses have a very essential structure and although we refer to models with limited space, they still allow the garden furniture to be stored inside to shelter it during the winter. It could also be a space that guarantees storage for disused objects for those who do not have a garage, or have one that does not allow them to have enough space. The models are varied because they try to follow the different needs of the customer and so everyone can find the most suitable solution. The interior of the house always has a minimal and easy space to move around, which can be seen by checking the models displayed at retailers. The models of wooden houses are mounted just to offer the customer the possibility to check if that model of that size represents the kind of house he is looking for. Moreover, for children, a small house in the garden represents a place of games that is often used during the winter, while in summer it allows them to have fun while being outdoors.