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Garden plants are often also referred to as outdoor plants, because they are mainly some species that are also resistant to temperature changes. Before starting to list the plants that could be recommended to furnish the green space, it is essential to understand what kind of garden it is. We can find ourselves in front of a small space where plants with tall trees or foliage that are too wide are certainly not indicated, but we can also have a fairly large area where maybe plants can also find a location based on sun exposure.

Orient yourself in the choice

There are so many varieties, all very beautiful and some both very colorful and scented, but not everyone could like them next to the dining area. Evaluating these elements, the personal need, the space available, the display of the garden allows you to buy plants that can survive for a long time in the space intended for them. At the moment we are talking only about common plants, because to create a garden with particular plant species we need special attention and care for them. Even those who do not have a green thumb can always have a well-tended garden, perhaps turning to a gardener who will certainly know how to indicate the times for pruning, watering and possible decanting.

Plants to be grown on the ground or in pots

It is not said that all garden plants must necessarily be planted on the ground in the soil, it is also possible to arrange a series of pots, obviously respecting the size of the plants, and placing them inside to create flowery spaces even at a different height . A gardener is certainly more competent and can provide the information needed to choose the most suitable plants for our garden. This is why we do not recommend choosing by yourself if you do not have a minimum knowledge of the sector.

Flowering plants and succulent plants

Plants to be cultivated on the ground can be flowering plants or succulent plants. The latter do not require much care and create a garden with a somewhat "desert" appearance. They grow very slowly over time and most have thorns, so more attention is needed if they are placed in a place where there are children. The garden can also be the ideal space to place fruit trees, thus combining usefulness with aesthetics.

Perennial plants, roses, aromatic plants

Perennial plants, such as hydrangea or geranium, which can also be kept in pots, can be combined with climbing plants such as jasmine. Among other things, there are also some very fragrant varieties. Roses are certainly very beautiful and you can choose any variety and color. Even aromatic plants can become part of garden plants, such as mint or rosemary, recreating a fairly Mediterranean garden, also combining some olive trees. According to the orientation you want to follow, you can give a different impression to the garden by placing different plants.

The climate

It is not appropriate to direct the choice on the plant that strikes the most because it may not be suitable for the soil and the type of climate. The climate is another very important factor, frost threatens to ruin most plants in winter, if they have not been properly protected with a cloth or sheltered in a greenhouse. The garden that can be built in the south will undoubtedly be a little different from that in the north because there are significant climatic differences. However, any plant must find the right location to survive over time. It is the dream of anyone who has a garden to be able to see it always in good order and in bloom, but to achieve this the plants need care and attention.

Garden Plants: Care

Each plant requires particular care, which is why it is often decided to install automatic watering systems, also to avoid that they can dry out by forgetting to water them. You can customize your garden because the green space must also be able to satisfy the viewer. Plants are beauty, perfume, nature. A small garden in the heart of a city can always survive and give its owner the chance to carve out a corner where he can oxygenate himself and be in contact with nature. Nothing prevents a corner from being embellished with plants to fill an empty space. It is essential that everyone learns about plants and that they keep in mind that they are living beings that need care and attention. A garden left to neglect certainly cannot last very long, it is a commitment that requires time and patience.