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Italian garden furniture complements


The furnishings of the Italian gardens are different and contribute to enriching the garden space.
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What are

The furnishing accessories for the Italian garden are different, and serve to enrich the green space as well. First of all, let's start with the fountains that have always represented a very interesting element in a garden, both for their water features and for the pleasant sound of flowing water. The market today offers new and interesting proposals regarding this specific sector. If once the fountain was an element of rather large dimensions because it had to capture the attention and above all it had to occupy spaces that were truly boundless, today any person in their private garden can decide to have a fountain, even if it does not have very large spaces . The fountains can be chosen both as a piece of furniture but also as a necessity, to have drinking water available in the garden. The fountain with ornamental function, is that model where the water gushes, this can be purchased in different materials. The outdoor furniture stores display various models for sale, including cascade models, where the water gushes from some rocks, which can then be embellished and decorated with plants. The choice is up to the customer who will then also have to evaluate the space he actually has available to be able to insert it. The fountains must be firmly fixed to the ground, and those who really cannot renounce the classic imposing fountains, from the Renaissance style, classic in Italian gardens, must also be aware of having to face a rather sustained expense. Another complement that has always been present in an Italian garden is the bench, in the first gardens made, the bench obviously in stone, was placed in particular places of the garden that allowed to admire particular species of trees and flowers. Currently the bench that best matches the style of the Italian garden is always the stone one but there are also other alternatives to choose from. It must be considered that even though the stone bench is quite well preserved even though it is permanently exposed to the elements, it certainly cannot be moved as easily as moving a plastic bench. The statues are another rather important complement because they enrich the space, those of the Italian gardens of the past represented figures of men, women and half-busts of famous people, today the sector also offers more contemporary solutions. The stone statue, sometimes resting on a pedestal, is the one that certainly brings back the authentic style of the Italian garden.

Where to buy

Furnishing accessories for the Italian garden can be purchased at outdoor furniture stores, or in gardening stores. The larger centers will certainly be more supplied and therefore offer the customer a wider choice. Those looking for rather particular models must necessarily contact specialized sales points, or alternatively directly contact a craftsman who will tailor the garden accessory. The times of realization also vary based on the difficulty of realization of the complement and from the type of material that has been chosen. Even the network is an excellent solution where, with a simple click, you can see everything you can find on the market with reference to these complements. The only difference compared to the store is that the customer does not have the possibility to see and touch but must settle for a photo gallery.

Italian garden furniture accessories: Prices

The cost of furnishing accessories for an Italian garden depends a lot on the quality of the material used and their size. By focusing on medium quality, the price is rather accessible but if we talk about craftsmanship, prices tend to go up considerably. Before ordering a complement for the handcrafted garden it is good to ask for a quote to realize if it can actually be worth it or not. Since they are furnishing accessories, they do not necessarily have to be purchased after having finished the garden but can also be added later. The space for furnishing accessories, however, if the garden is rather small, must in any case be considered in the design phase otherwise there is a risk that the complements may no longer be included.